Airbrush Makeup Kit that You Need to Have

Airbrush makeup kit is not difficult to find. You will find the kit that you need to buy in the range price which is quite affordable. At least, the price is worth for the quality and the makeup look that you will get. Everyone knows that airbrush makeup is the best solution for the flawless and natural look. This is what the supermodels use.

Well, if you want to try the airbrush makeup kit, you need to know these things for your best airbrush makeup.


The compressor is the tool that used for airbrush makeup to control the amount of product that will be applied to your face or body. You can adjust the pressure that is measured per square inch. The usual unit for face airbrush makeup is around 30 to 40 PSI. Meanwhile for the body airbrush makeup, the professionals usually put on 70 to 80 PSI. You can find the inexpensive compressor with the best quality. The range price of it is about $200 to $375.


This airbrush makeup kit is easy enough to find in the market. It’s advised to buy the double-action triggers gun. This means that the gun has two functions for alcohol-based and silicone-based makeup formula. Or it’s simply called as dual function airbrush makeup. The guns are quite easy to find in many brands. The price is about $100.


There are three types of foundation which are water-based, alcohol-based, and silicone-based. These foundations have their strength and weakness. The alcohol-based one is nice but it gets dry easily. The silicone-based gives the best flawless look but it will get shiny. Picking the foundation will totally depend on your skin type and preference.

This airbrush makeup kit is the main things that must be prepared before you start your airbrush makeup.